Creating things has been my biggest passion since my early childhood. When I was a pre-schooler I built shelters in my parents’ garden which was soon followed by concocting rafts (which have never seen the water, unfortunately).

By creating whatever I felt like, with the various materials and tools at hand, I developed creative and technical skills and qualities and I learned about the (im-)possibilities of tool and material.After secondary education I studied Aircraft Maintenance (ACM) in Maastricht-Aachen, The Netherlands. 

This was where I began to appreciate the materials aluminum and sheet-iron. I learned how to work them and I enjoyed their qualities. Besides their application in aircrafts I also used them for my own creations. Moreover, the precision this work required is something I benefit from in my creative work of today. When not at school I kept developing things , of which many were applicable to make daily life easier.

At home my father’s skills and tools were available to me. After ACM education I started a business of my own: house clearance. 5 Years later this concept has expanded into a company that offers a full concept that varies from house clearance to moving house and storage of movables. 

After expanding my company I missed one big thing in my life: Creativity! I wanted to keep creating things with my own hands every day. That’s when I started creating art sculptures.  

The aspect that is the most thrilling for me is seeing simple pieces of metal change into something substantial while I work.

When I’m in the creating process, I feel peace. During work the disturbing thoughts that can otherwise bother me a lot (like people aging and dying) are absent. I can just be myself and enjoy the process of creating a new perfect sculpture.

During the process of creation I keep changing things until I think it’s perfect. Working towards perfection is the ultimate drive for me.

" keep believing in yourself "